Saturday, February 12, 2011

Black Swan's Weight Loss

A year before shooting Swan, Natalie Portman went through extreme ballat andcross training, shedding 20 pounds from her 5 foot 3 inch frame.

"I think it was just the physicality of it all that was the most extreme. I mean, I had never gotten that much training-- to be doing five to eight hour days of it was extreme." "I was eating much less than I usually do," she shurgs. "I was vegan while I was shooting the film, and I'm vegetarian now. It was cutting down portion size- and having frequent small meals."

Megan Fox

"I'm not one for exercising, 'cause I"m lazy and I have a really big sweet tooth, so I have to do cleanses every once in a while 'cause of the amount of sugar I take in."

"It's just water and raw apple cider viegar, and it just cleans out your system entirely," 22 year old Megan Fox explains. "It will get rid of, for women who retain water weight, from your menstrual cycle and all that, it gets rid of it really fast."

Leighton Meester

"I hate working out for the sake of working out- it's a chore," Meester say in the Jan 2011 issue of Allure. "I hate going to the gym, and I don't really care to do it."

Meester, who follows a low-fat diet featuring lots of lean protein and vegetables, insists she would care about eating well even if looking good weren't a job requirement.

"I try to eat healthily, I know I have to be in shape all the time, because I owe that to the audience." She says. "I eat in moderation, I don't overdo it. I'm incredibly disciplined when it comes to my body."

Jessica Alba

One source reports Jessica has been on a diet since the age of 12. Jessica said, "Everyone in my family is heavily overweight. I wanted to be healthier, so I started cooking for myself when I was 12." In addition to a balanced diet, Jessica also watches her carbs, leaving bread and desserts off the menu.

Jessica's big on exercise with lots of cardio on the elliptical, stationary bike or treadmill for 30mintues - four times a week.