Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello Lovely Ladies,
So the trip was amazing! I had so much fun about 60 college peeps came, and I got to stay at the house of one of my friends that can I just say is FILTHY rich! Huge mansion, to give you an idea each of the kids got a brand new Lexus car for Christmas... yeah nice.

Yesterday I ate about 300 calories I believe and then went on a hour bike ride.
Today I've 65 Calories (half a special K bar that has protein in it) and I took a calcium/vitamin D pill. Just drinking sobe 0 calories lifewater. I work today and then my friend is hosting a college house party so that will keep me occupied so I don't break.

I have no clue what I weigh and to be honest I don't want to weigh myself... I just want to keep going good this whole week staying under 200 calories a day and going on bike rides and continue that on next week and then weigh myself.