Sunday, May 2, 2010

Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley

1. does it help to keep a food diary?
I can see why that would help but for me I keep a diary about all of this period. Its a journal were I can write down all my feelings as far as dieting and wanting to be thin goes. It helps to have an avenue to let it all out, and also it helps hold me accountable because I record my stats in it.
2. So how much do you really weigh?
Honestly when I started this blog I weighed 130 and was desperate to get below there. Then the holidays happened and alot of other crap so right now I weigh 138.
3. Whats your goal weight?
My goal weight is honestly 115

4. how old are you?
I am around 20-23

5. how do you undo a binge? like a really big one?
I purge immediately. You have a 3 hour window in which to get rid of the food you just ate. So I wait then go to the bathroom run the water and stick two fingers down my throat. I then take 3 laxatives to clean out what I missed.

6. What is it with you and Dancers?
Dancing is the only workout I can do that doesnt make me feel like I'm "working out". they don't burn as many calories as running but they feel good.

7. I think the girls in your thinspo look sick.
okay. Well I honeslty try to not post pictures of girls that look near death because I really do think thats not attractive. I try to find pictures of what I'd like to look like thin wise.

8. is it better to fill up on water during a fast or go on empty and let your stomach shrink?
Drink plenty of water but don't down it to the point your stomach feels super full. I am a lover of Lemonade and Cayenne Pepper and Lipton Diet Green Tea during fasts. You just have to get over the first 3 days of a fast and then it honestly is smooth sailing from there.

9. I have two room mates so I cant keep thinspo pictures around. What should I do instead?
I have two albums, one for real girl/model and one for celeb thinspo that I have saved onto my IPod and whenever I'm craving or whatever I just put on a song and sit and click through the photos. Thats why I love these blogs because I never want to repost thinspo pics another thinsop blog as done but I do love their thinspo so I save it.

10. What was your favorite binge food and healthy food?
Hmm... I was always super into carbs (bread, Cinnamon Rolls, cookies etc) But I go through phases were I loved veggie burgurs and then I loved cheese Pizza, then peanut M&MS.
My healthy food loves are shrimp, salmon, apples, strawberries, whole grain gold fish, any low cal soup and rice cakes.

11. Are you single?
I'm always busy doing my own thing. And in high school I was at my highest weight of 170, and you date who u hang out with in school and I did Theater... so not really into theater boys. I do date alot though I just haven't met someone I would be willing to give the time to. And I don't really want to commit until I'm near my goal weight and more well-balanced.

12. Aren't you afraid some kid will find your blog and develop anorexia?
Well if they find my blog their out there looking for thinspo anyway... so at least my thinspo isn't super bone thin girls, their actually girls with some curves.

13. What religion are you?
Random question but to be honest I am Mormon (LDS) I do come off conservative, but I do want you all to know that I'm not a judger/hater. I don't care if you smoke or drink, or have tattoos, its just there are things I belive in & standards I choose to follow.

14. how many ana buddies do you have?
Well one who knows about this and that Eveyln.

15. Where do you live?
Somewhere in the united states of america. this being the internet i'll leave it at that.

16. what is good to drink besides water?
Diet Green tea, Diet Sunkist, Diet Coke, but if you drink soda...drink it through a straw and take calcium pills. And still always drink water with whatever else you want to drink.

17. what should I tell friends at meals when I don't want to eat?
Thats always hard, but lie. Tell them you already ate, your fasting (religion one), if its something with meat say your a vegetarian, just say you don't like whatever the main dish thing is, say your on your period and feel nauseous. Whatever it is think of excuses that sound legit coming out of your mouth and have them already memorized so you don't sound like your lying when you say them.

18. how come you dont just lose weight the healthy way?
Because I am retarded :) Because I can't go months and months constantly working out and seeing no results like the peeps do who are trying to be healthy. Losing weight is honestly all in the eating so when you restrict you see change. I used to be 170 and I got down to 158 by working out but then it got STUCK there. It wasn't until I started fasting and doing heavy restriction that I got down to 130 and was still dropping. Its just hard because sugary foods do appeal and I know how to purge. I honestly try my hardest not to break down and binge/purge but its hard when you know how to do that to not.

19. Do you miss your period a lot?
Oddly enough no! Eveyln always does but I am always regular and heavy! And I always have like 5-8 pound weight gain right before my period that just appears. It leaves immediately after but scares the poop out of me when I see that.

20. I take very small bites and separate everything on my plate. What should I tell people when they notice?
Laugh it off and blame it on being OCD, say that you are just a slow eater, that your super picky, or just act totally oblivious and say "I've always ate like this, is that weird?"