Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thandie Newton from MI:2

So today I was watching Mission Impossible II and I was struck by what thinspo Thandie Newton really is. When she first started out as an actress she looked pretty average as you can see by the first two photos...but shortly after that she lost weight and she has maintained her svelte figure ever since.

Perhaps a New Diet 4 Natalie?

Two side notes I've been thinking about as new diets:

1. I was talking to my sister about a friend of hers she had, this friend was always pretty average looking weight wise. I'm guessing she's like 5'7 and weighed 145 but then something changed and when I saw her again she weighed 110 (on her wedding day her dress was a size 2). So anyways my sister said that when this friend moved back home after college that she basically only ate those low calorie rice cakes.

2. I have a friend who was a supermodel and actually lost a Prada campaign in London because she ate for a week when they told her not to. Because she's shorter her agents told her she had to eat even less then the other models because she looks bigger, even if the measurements are small enough. So when she first went to Paris her agents wrote down her diet as follows "lemon in your water after 5 (helps cleanse fat off) and apples if your ever really hungry".

So I'm thinking of doing a diet that combines the two of them together. Cuz honestly I'm just so so sick of being this heavy that I know if I did it the traditional healthy way I wouldn't be seeing a dream weight for another year or so. Major restricting, not ever allowing myself to binge/purge will lead me to success.