Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hey girls,
So Tuesday night this kid I used to date in the past drove 2 1/2 hours just to take me out after work, so I did eat a quesadilla which I think is around 700 calories. So I had about 1,000 calories Tuesday.
Wednesday I did have some ritz crackers and some bits of honey, so thats about 200 calories.
And now we're on today. I had a doctors appt to get shots and they weighed me, I was so nervous to see what I actually weigh... It was 138... what I orignially thought it was going to be. So I've just had some flintstone calcium gummies, and vitamin water.
But do you notice how some days you have just such a motivation to not eat anything and somedays even if you know your bigger you want to just break down and eat. Its so strange cuz I want to be thin more than so many other things in my life, and I love the feel of an empty stomach but today I've just been wanting to eat... Not good. I've been trying to look at my thinspo albums saved on my Ipod to help kill the cravings but their still there. UGH! That river raft trip is this weekend, I can't afford to eat.