Friday, August 20, 2010

To be able to rock tight skinny jeans and big baggy sweaters :) I love that look of a big comfy shirt and stick legs! What are some fashions you'd want to be skinny enough to rock?


  1. that sounds great!
    And yeah,the big shirst and skinnies or leggings are really nice outfits.I'd say skin fit dresses,especially those from Forever21 and Topshop,I have a couple but I don't always wear them,and also flair dresses that would make legs look slimmer((:

  2. I do love those actually! Thats the thing about being skinny is that you can basically pull of any fashion trend and look good in it!

  3. I totally agree!That's why models look good in everything.And I mean,EVERYTHING.Ha-ha.